PRODUCT SHOW   Our responsibility is to design and produce high-stability and easy-to-use equipment to meet the needs of smart manufacturing companies for high-end equipment. Choose us, choose a professional, choose to rest assured! We look forward to hearing from you ...
2017 - 08 - 09
● The high-performance, multi-purpose UV laser cutting machine apply non-contact working platform and equipped with high speed digital galvanometer to avoid the hidden damage caused by the stress processing of tool and molds; ● The function of CCD automatic positioning compensation deformation can be more suitable for product deformation, and the function of high configured automatic edge cutting automatic compensation can adapt to the deviation caused by stress processing of previous process, and the cutting edge is more smooth. ● With the feature of short wavelength,...
2017 - 07 - 05
【Introduction】Equipped with high quality UV laser marking system, able to complete marking task accurately and effectively, the marking character is clear and beautifulAble to marking code in serial number or jump code User can choose laser marking machine with single or double laser, and optional CCD visual alignment system. According to the different requirements of customers, there are a variety of machine configurations to choose.The minimum marking characters are up to 0.1mm, with marking accuracy up to ± 0.01mm, which perfectly meets the marking needs of small particle product.Ultra...
2017 - 07 - 06
Green laser output wave length is 532nm, compared to CO2 laser and fiber laser, its thermal radiation effective is smaller, is a relative cold light source.Green laser is typically used in crystal or acrylic marking and engravingAble to achieve clear marking on plastic material, and high quality marking on silicon material , gold ,silver and other high reflective material.
2017 - 07 - 06
【Introduction】TMV-700TT vacuum deaeration mixer is a planetary centrifugal mixer mainly applied in mixing fluid or powder material and reach deaeration effect.Rotation/Revolution while working with high power vacuum pump,equipment can stir the material evenly in few seconds or few minutes,stir and vacuum complete at the same timeMixing capacity varies from a few grams up to 700 grams by using different containers, meet the requirement from laboratory use to volume productionUp to 10 preset programs(Can be customized), every program can be divided to 5 segment, each segment with different ...
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Think and Act as One, Strive for Transcendence
Founded in 2008, Smida is a high-tech company integrating automation solution consultation  R&D, manufacturing, sales, as well as after-sales services. Smida has been granted the trademark registration certificate in Chinese and English and licensed with imports and exports right independently.Our core team’s members all have more than ten years of industry experiences. Our mission is to become an excellent equipment manufacturer by upholding the principle of “meticulous design and conscientious manufacturing”, and to create value for our customers with quality products and professional services based on win-win cooperation. With all our endeavors, we seek to provide our customers with sustainable services .Meanwhile, we hold the product quality as our core value . We believe that major manufacturing enterprises will dominate the manufacturing sector in the future and that such enterprises will increasingly resort to automation to meet their production needs. When more and mor...
About us
Smida team
Enterprise culture  

Think: thinking, learning and enterprising

Action: action, development, innovation

Win: win-win, cooperation, solidarity



“Thinking meticulously, Advance bravely, Professional services, Customer satisfaction”

Thinking meticulously– keeping thinking at all time, be active in thinking

Advance bravely– execution being key point, be confident, be active in acting

Professional services– taking the principle of solving problems with professional knowledge, to provide full range of service support to customers

Customer satisfaction– striving to creating the maximum value for customers, and to satisfying customers


Core- value

Think and Act as One, Strive for Transcendence

Human is very different from and superior to the other animals for its human thinking; human is able to change nature, create value and promote social progress for its action; be brave to advance and change starting from our own.

Management aim: to survive with value, to develop with value, and to create value with value

Service aim: taking customer-centered concept, to survive with value, and to develop by market

Quality principle: to design elaborately, to produce meticulously

Enterprise spirit: treat people politely, work with solidarity and mutual help, attach importance to cost, customer centered , be brave to innovate, and pursue perfect.

Enterprise ethic: to abide by the law by obligation, to keep promise by principle, to be moral and just on basic norm, and to be moral by responsibility



What is the difference between UV laser machine and ordinary laser machine?
18 2017 - 10
Now UV laser marking machine is the most common laser machine in the market,. it is a new type of ma...
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